Sunday, October 17, 2010

October on the Eastern Shore

   October is the most magical time on Maryland's Eastern Shore. ... Roadside stands full of pumpkins, mums and produce. ... Soybean fields, past their prime, turning golden in the sun. ... Trees starting to make the long transition to fall, then winter, then spring again. ... Ponds and lakes glistening in the crisp air. ... There are also long skeins of Canada and Snow Geese that fall gently out of the sky:

     Caspian Terns, sporting their winter haircuts, staging up for the next leg of migration south, calling raucously:

     An immature Bald Eagle on the hunt for goose or duck or something else for dinner.

      A Buckeye butterfly catching the last of summer's warmth:

     And watching it all, the swarms of migrating Tree Swallows, the last buzz of insects, a hovering Northen Harrier, is the vigilant Mockingbird:


Jen Sanford said...

Ooh that's a gorgeous butterfly! Great photos!

Kathie Brown said...

Great photos Birdcouple! Love the immature eagle. I am enjoying my first New England autumn in over 6 years. It is great! Taking lots of photos. I finally got blogger to post them too! I hope you are both well. Thanks for visiting me on my blog.

Larry said...

Great job with the Buckeye and Bald Eagle and the Mockingbird is a great close-up.

Dawn Fine said...

Great birdies and Butterfly. Wonderful time of year.
happy Birding!