Friday, October 1, 2010

New Camera lens!

   After his Konica-Minolta went KAPUT! a few months back, Warren bought a new Canon EOS Rebel T1i. But of course it came with a mediocre small lens and he hasn't -- until now - been able to do anything about it.  But this week, Birdcouple rented a nice lens, a Canon IS EF100-400mm, which we hope to buy soon.

  So nice to be able to take close-up shots of our avian friends again.

    And this is only the beginning!


John B. said...

Congrats on the new camera (and hopefully a new lens).

Abraham Lincoln said...

These are good photographs. I never had the lens you have used but would like to have it. I had a 120-400mm Sigma lens but it weighed a ton and I finally sold it. I especially liked the glint in the eye in the last photo.

Dawn Fine said...

Congrats Camera and soon to be new lens! looking forward to more of your photos with your new set up.