Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Native Plants = Lots of Birds!

One of our favorite organizations, Saving Birds Thru Habitat, created this stunning poster to highlight the importance of native plants, which provide food for insects, which in turn provide masses of food for birds.

The back of the poster features native plant resources for all 50 states!

Interested?   I am!

If so, send the tiny sum of $5.00 per copy to:
SBTH Poster, P. O. Box 288, Omena, MI 49674.

Nice work to Kay Charter and the folks at Saving Birds Thru Habitat!


Larry said...

Are you guys goofing on me with your title? I'll be sure to plant some native plants in my yard beyond the ones I have-honest!

Chris Petrak said...

While I have been distracted with things like vegetables, hawks, painting an old house, routine garden chores, my good spouse just goes on planting native stuff that the birds love - takes time in our narrow time-line for the sticks to mature into berry & seed bearing plants, but what a difference. The yard is full of interesting feathered stuff. Good reminder!

Kathie Brown said...

Oh birdcouple, this is great! Love the poster and the idea. Saving habitat is so important to me!