Sunday, October 3, 2010

More photos - a lovely October Saturday

   Princess and I went birding Saturday morning, picking two of our favorite local spots, Governors Bridge Natural Area in nearby Prince George's County, and Davidsonville Park in our home Anne Arundel County.

   The weather was gorgeous, and there were a few warblers and other passerine migrants hanging around, as well as some arrivals that signaled the coming winter, including an immature Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker and a couple of White-Throated Sparrows.

  There were also butterfles, spiders, fish, turtles and other of our favorite things. I used the opportunity to continue testing the Canon ESF IS 400-100mm lens I rented for the weekend.

Green Heron

Monarch butterfly

Fish and fry

Magnolia Warbler

Magnolia Warbler

Spider, Orb-waver?

Black-Throated Green Warbler


Dave said...

Uh, I see no butts! You need to have that lens checked...

Chris Petrak said...

You are hitting the ground running with the 100-400. The challenge is going to be when you get close to number 600, or even halfway at 550 - because you will want to document it, but will the bird want to be documented? The next 100 will be much tougher; you might be forced to travel to new places. What a hardship that will be. Looking forward to what comes next!