Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Need a Fresh New Nature Outfit!

This is the new American Girl Doll- Lanie.   According to this --Lanie loves to go for nature walks, and Lanie's fresh outfit is just right for a day outdoors!

She can even look for birds with binoculars that really work, and identify her feathered friends with a miniature nature book.  

Lanie wears this fresh outfit for nature walks. It features:

A bright tee with a cute embroidered owl
(yes, every birder must have the t shirt with a bird on it)
A multicolored knit scarf for warmth
(important for winter duck searching)
Capri-length denim pants to keep her comfy
(They look non-comfy - skin tight jeans may not be the best option)
Two-toned rubber boots to protect her feet
(important for mucking around in the spring)

I'm digging the blue boots and I can visulize myself sporting the white jacket on a summer pelagic.   But, what she really needs to be a true birder, is zip-off pants.


Dawn Fine said...

Cute outfit.
did u read Lauras post?
Says we birders should be more approachable in our attire...and allot of other good info on sharing our love of birding.
Anyway..I am thinking if I want to get a certain type of person interested in birding ..i will have to dress like them.
So..we should have several outfits....I think I am off get get a tatto and dreadlocks..
see u on the birdie trail.

Karen said...

Evie's American Girl doll is named Gabby. I'll see if she is interested in this lovely and hip outfit. The important question is do they have one to match for Evie. We do often bird...well... from the patio at least :)