Sunday, August 29, 2010

Got Duck Stamp?

     Better late than never, they say. Yes, the 2010-2011 "duck stamp" has been on sale for a couple of months now,  and we've been a bit negligent in purchasing one. Finally did it this weekend. Here's three reasons to go get yours if you haven't already:

   1) This year's stamp is a beautiful depiction of an American Wigeon by Maryland artist Robert Bealle.  

   2) The stamp costs just $15 and can easily purchased online here, or at many U.S. post offices and National Wildlife Refuges.

   3) Ninety-eight cents out of every dollar you pay for your stamp goes to purchase or lease wetlands and other land for National Wildlife Refuges. More land = more birds, and other plants and animals.

    We try to avoid being preachy here at, but we make an exception when it comes to this topic: PLEASE GO GET YOUR STAMP!!!!!!

    This seems like kind of a no-brainer to us, but just to prove there are many sides (and views) to any issue, Jeffrey Gordon has a really interesting post on his blog about who (hunters, birders, hunter-birders, birder-hunters) is buying the stamp these days, and what that means. Lots of informed comments on the post, too.


Jeff Gyr said...

Hi Warren & Lisa--

Thanks for the link! I hope that the numbers of birders and other users who buy stamps continues to climb. And for that matter, I'd like to see more hunters, too! We all want habitat preserved and healthy wildlife populations, so I say the more the merrier.

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Jeff - thanks. We agree. Was nice to see informed commentary on your post, rather than the rants that one often gets in the blogosphere.

Like you and many of those commenting, we are not anti-hunter at all. Lisa's father was a hunter, and that's why she grew up knowing and respecting the outdoors, and the critters in it.


Larry said...

I hate to admit that I've never bought a duck stamp but have donated to 2 different land preservation organizations in our local area.The duck stamp is on back of my mind must do list.

Chris Petrak said...

Absolutely! It is a bargain. There has been a discussion thread on the VTBird listserve about turkey hunters reading the list serve to find out where the turkeys are. Much has been anti-hunting. More balanced minds have reminded birders that hunting and fishing licenses and duck stamps (for duck hunters originally) have paid for a lot of conservation. Kent MacFarland of VCE weighed in by wondering if bird watchers are paying their fair share toward conservation. I certainly know birders who grumble about paying to bird somewhere - I think of the Conservancy Meadows in Cape May. Anyway, I pony up whenever asked.

Dave said...

It's funny how birders complain about hunters so many times, yet it's the hunters that pay for and protect the refuges we all love so much.

Some states, like Ohio, also have 'Wildlife' stamps with money going to protect wild areas.

Birders need to put their money where their lenses are!