Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Winter Wren split!

The American Ornithologists' Union has decided to split the well-known (and quite cute) Winter Wren into two species, according to Birder's World magazine's Field of View blog.

The western variant of the Winter Wren is now recognized as a separate species, the Pacific Wren. This is fabulous news for those of us who have seen the WIWR on both the Pacific and Atlantic coast. We get a new life bird and ABA bird (#492 for Warren) while sitting on the figurative couch.

Hope you did too.

Check out the Birder's World post for other information on taxonomical and nomenclature changes. Wow, that last sentence almost sounded scientific.


FAB said...

Armchair birding...far too easy.

Kathie Brown said...

Well, I have seen the western winter wren but not the Alantic one, so I will have to hunt for it when I move back east! That's something to look forward to!