Friday, July 16, 2010

That's Great, It Starts with an Earthquake, Birds and Snakes...

No, it wasn't quite the end of the world, but Maryland did have a baby 3.6 magnitude quake this morning. 

Cute Husband and I were sound asleep when it suddenly felt like a truck had hit the house.  It was 5AM and it stopped so quickly, we just rolled over and enjoyed the next 1/2 hour of sleep before our dueling alarms went off. 

Warren was off for an early start with the boys for some potential shorebird action.  Perhaps, the sudden release of energy from the earth's crust caused some rare bird to appear!  

I'm ready for a sudden release of weekend fun!

Happy Friday!

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Chris Petrak said...

It seems to me that an earthquake in the DC area would provide a bushel of material for the commentators and comedians, but if it did, I missed it - probably due to the fact that I don't watch/listen to much of that. Glad you've been back on the AT - hope you'll be in touch when the VT segment comes along