Thursday, June 10, 2010

Weekly Updates on Oil Spill Bird Rehab

Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research has been on the Gulf Coast since the last week of April and is reporting weekly updates on the wildlife rescue efforts.   

The report through June 5 is heartbreaking, as the number of birds arriving for rehabilitation starts to escalate. 

You can also view a Fish and Wildlife Collection Report that documents all injured or dead fish and wildlife encountered in the oil spill impact area....

547 dead birds, 235 dead turtles, 30 dead mammals...

And, while BP made a commitment to cover the cost of the Gulf Coast Cleanup and Tri-State Bird & Rescue efforts, there is still a need to support non-profits such as Tri-State.  

The research and facilities that can mobilize for such a catastrophe are only possible with general operating funds.   If you can't help with $, they also have a "wish list" of donated items that help to feed and care for their "patients".

P.S. US Fish and Wildlife Service tweets available here.  590 visibly oiled birds collected since April 30. Toll-free number to report oiled wildlife is 866-557-1401.


Weedpicker Cheryl said...

Have you read this excellent, although disheartening, info on oil-spill birds?

Experts are advising to kill rather than clean them.,1518,693359,00.html


Dawn Fine said...

Thanks for the link..need to keep this information out there.

Thanks again..