Friday, June 18, 2010


Nope, I'm not going to write about the soon to be released movie of the next installment.

Although, Cute Husband is really looking forward to seeing it with me on opening night...NOT. But, being the great bud that he is, I know he will at least watch it with me and keep his complaints to a minimum, as I ride out my guilty pleasure of enjoying something high school crappy.

No, I'm going to write about that special time between sunset and dusk. In particular, the twilight we had in Annapolis last night. As Cute Husband and I left the LoveNest for a walk, the Wood Thrushes and robins were still belting out their songs. The moon appeared in a dark blue sky and the fireflies were just starting to glow.

As our walk progressed, bird song turned to bird calls as bird couples told each other where they were before night fell. The fireflies started putting on quite the courtship show, lighting our way.

As dusk set in, we noticed the outline of a Great Horned Owl silently perched on a stop sign. As we reached our door, night began with the first tree frog belting out a deep croak.

All this wonder in a span of 30 minutes made me so grateful. Grateful - an emotion that should surround me every moment. But, one that gets lost sometimes in daily life.

So, thank you Wood Thrushes, fireflies, Moon, Great Horned Owl, tree frog and Cute Husband for the wonderful reminder.

Happy Friday!


Weedpicker Cheryl said...

Thank you for the reminder- we could all use a little more "grateful" in our lives.


Kathie Brown said...

What a day and what a walk! I need to hear a wood thrush again!