Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Golden-winged Warbler is the most beautiful of all warblers!

And, I will fight anyone who disagrees....

Cute Husband whisked me away to Western Maryland to do a redo of last Memorial Day weekend where he went off with the boys in search of Golden-winged and other nesting warblers.   And, Cute Hubby being the perfect birding buddy, promised to take me to see this stunning bird this year. 

After spending the night in traveling LoveNest at the perfect camp site in New Germany State Park, where our tent neighbors shared dinner with us, we spent day break watching the bird wake at Finzel Swamp.  Sigh.  I love swamps!

Then off to some mountain roads in search of my most wanted bird of the trip.  We were on the very brink of giving up after checking several mountain pastures, when we heard the lovely "Bee Buzz Buzz".   Singing and preening on a tree within perfect viewing range. 


Sorry, no pictures here, as we are saving for a new (big, powerful) camera lens.... but is this not the most beautiful of all warblers?   Plus, he has one of the coolest warbler songs ever. 

OH, every weekend should have three days!   And this trip was one of the finest ways to end spring migration 2010 and the month of May!  


Albert said...

get that email about the sale on a Canon DSLR I sent?

Dawn Fine said...

They are very beautifuL!

Kathie Brown said...

We tried to find a gold-winged warbler on our New River Birding Festival trip last year but alas, no luck. So glad you found one. And I think all birds are beautiful! If you want to fight me you will have to come back to AZ and at least then we can finally meet! :)