Sunday, May 2, 2010 name...once you learn how to pronounce it...

Nope, his name is not Red Crested Gray Back or Desert Songbird or Cousin to the Cardinal. 

This guy has a fancy pants name, which combines the genus names Pyrrhula (bullfinches) and Loxia (crossbills). The roots mean flame-colored and crooked, so you may call him the reddish bird with the crooked bill, if you can't pronounce his proper name... properly.

Almost as much fun as saying Phainopepla, which we had the pleasure of seeing briefly while trying to kick up Montezuma Quail (without luck).    Really handsome bird.

And, speaking of handsome....

Seriously, Cute Husband and I had no idea how truly grotesque a male Turkey in full breeding plumage (gobbling) could be.    

I wonder what is the biggest clincher for the gal Turkey?    Could it be the engorged naked blue face?  Perhaps it is his bubbly engorged red neck?  Maybe it is the fleshy protuberance that hangs over his bill?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it almost kills Thanksgiving for me.


To cleanse my visual palate....

During a freak April snowstrom SE Arizona


Anonymous said...
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Ross Geredien said...

Great shot of the owls! Are these Western Screech? I may have seen one in TX, which I'm still trying to confirm.

Very entertaining post. I actually did not know that about the Pyrrhuloxia!

Albert said...

Wow, did you get some spam with those comments. BTW, it is NSFW.

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Ross - Thanks for the comments. These are actually Great Horned Owls. Roosting at a Arizona conservation area known as Whitewater Draw. Which also provided Warren's life Vermillion Flycatcher. (Lisa had one a day earlier in Portal,AZ).

Tell us about your Texas birds!

Kathie Brown said...

Love the phrrhuloxias! Backyard birds for me as well as the Phainopepla! Sorry you didn't get the Montezuma Quail.

Dawn Fine said...

Well looking at all your AZ posts, I can see the Birdcouple had a fab time! Chaulked up lots of lifers!
Glad you had fun!