Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our Black Cherry Tree Would be Unwelcome in Paris...

But Paris would welcome me with open arms!   (Hint to Cute Husband)

I digress. 

Apparently, the Cherry Tree (we are pretty sure it is a Black Cherry) which we recently discovered in the LoveNest habitat would be unwelcome not only in Paris, but in most of Europe as well.

According to this article from Science Daily, the North American Black Cherry is super invasive in Europe.  

We can thank a soil-borne pathogen that exists in the U.S. for keeping our Black Cherries in check.  In Europe, the pathogen (Pythium) is just too wimpy to regulate these trees from taking over plots of land and pushing out European native trees.

But, this, I think, is the most important bit of the article...

"Evidence of an invader encountering more aggressive enemies in its native versus non-native range provides new evidence for the popular hypothesis that invasive species-whether plants, insects, or other animals-thrive outside of their native lands in part because they have escaped their enemies."


Albert said...

Although I feel for the Euros, it's also nice to see that the American species are giving a little back to our neighbors across the Atlantic.

Chris Petrak said...

I am glad you identified your mystery tree as black cherry. That is sort of what I thought, but I was reluctant to suggest that knowing that you had already consulted Sibley, and trees are only so-so in my IDing ability. I've got them all over the place and they would take over if I allowed. But at least they are native. Paris doesn't like cherries; I wonder who we can blame buckthorn on - that is wrecking havoc in our northern woods.