Monday, April 5, 2010

Mystery tree ID? Help!!!!

   Tuesday Update: the consensus seems to be that this is some species of cherry tree, perhaps a Black Cherry, as first suggested by Dan Haas. That would be good news - a native plant! We're still welcoming comments, suggestions. - BC

    Princess Lisa is intent (some might say obsessed) about knowing every plant and tree that grows in her garden. Lately, we've been ripping out nasty invasives like Japanese Honeysuckle and Multiforal Rose, and replacing them with good native species, like Milkweed, which attratcs Monrach butterflies. We like Monarchs.

   But there is one species of tree growing at the Lovenest that we can't identify, even with our trusty Sibley Guide to Trees.

   We'd greatly appreciate any help BC's readers can lend--even what family of trees this belongs to. One curious note--the tree is already well-leafed out, even though most other trees on our property are just beginning to show a little green.

    Here's the tree in full profile:

     Here's a close-up of its leaves:

     And here's a look at the bark:  Many thanks in advance!


Albert said...

This one in front of the house? Need close-up of the leaves and clearer bark shots. Was there a flower? That would have been the best way to ID.

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Albert - No flower yet. Consensus seems to be this is some kind of cherry, which is good - a native!