Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day to one and all! On Earth Day 2010, we were privileged to see these rare, endangered creatures, two Spotted Owls, roosting in Miller Canyon, in Arizona's Huachuca mountains. Along with the incredible diversity of other birds, flowers and mammals, we saw today, this Spotted Owl Birdcouple was a reminder of the wonders of the natural world, and our responsibility to protect them.

There's a lot of bad environmental news out there, but the fact that these birds still exist, and that a lot of people cared enough to hike up a mountain to see them - and might be touched enough to want to preserve them - is good news.

There's a lot to celebrate, and a lot to do. More soon on our incredible birding marathon-adventure here in southeast Arizona. Tonight's final thought:


Chris Petrak said...

Congrats on your life list additions. The trouble with birding in Arizona, is that you want to go back again soon - to see what you missed, and see what you just saw again - it just keeps evolving and revolving!

Kathie Brown said...

Happy Earth Day to you also though it's long past. How wonderful to see these owls! I have not seen them yet myself! You must be exhausted by now and your head must be spinning! I can only imagine what your Life List looks like now! I hope you have a safe trip home! Sorry to have missed you!

Ross Geredien said...

I love this bumper sticker. And I'm jealous of your spotted owls!