Thursday, April 29, 2010

Clownin' around

BC is back at the Lovenest, but still enjoying the afterglow of our amazing Southeast Arizona birding trip, and catching up on posting about our adventure. We were moving so fast, doing our power-birding thing, and sometimes staying in lovely canyon spots with no Internet (or cell phone!) access that we did not post as much as we wished to...

      Acorn Woodpeckers are the clowns of the bird world - outrageously colored, noisy and prone to all sorts of tricks.
      For us, they were just one of an amazing assortment of "yard birds" during our three night stay at Cave Creek Ranch in the beautiful Chiricahua Mountain range of Arizona's southeast. We loved the Ranch, and highly recommend it to birders heading to the region.
      Bridled Titmice, Black-Headed Grosbeaks, Broad-Billed Hummingbirds - they all flew past the front of our cabin or stopped in at the feeders outside. From our windows, we could see the soaring, pastel-colored peaks of the Chiricahuas in the morning, and stars at night. We could hear the creek running just a few dozen yards away. Talk about a birders' paradise!
    Cave Creek Canyon is a magical place, home to the legendary Elegant Trogon (which we saw on our first morning!) and a unique assortment of North American avifauna.
    At the ranch, proprietor Reed Peters was wonderful - helping us get the lay of the land, and even giving us directions to some pre-Apache pictographs that could be found on rocks a 1/2 hour hike from the ranch. What a magical moment it was to see that. And we got three lifebirds on the hike! Reed also put us in touch with Peg Abbott and Narca Moore-Craig, of Naturalist Journeys, who took us on a wonderful evening owl prowl. Even though the owls were a bit elusive, we learned so much from both of them. And heard our first Western Screech-Owl and Common Poorwill.
    It was hard to leave the Chiricahuas.  But we know we'll be back - and we'll stay once again at Cave Creek Ranch, which gets the Birdcouple thumbs up.
   But we had more birding to do. And more clownin' around.



Chris Petrak said...

You are so right about Cave Creek Canyon - and the ranch. You can sit still and have good birding.

Dawn Fine said...

Love that area! So glad you saw so many birds!

Kathie Brown said...

I've never been to the ranch but I love Cave Creek Canyon and of course, all the birds!