Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mixed Feeding Flock #10 - Conservation

We've been blogging about a lot of things lately, but not as much as we should about our favorite subject, the most important one: conservation!!

With that in mind, here's a reminder that Earth Hour is just three days away, on March 27. That's also Princess Lisa's birthday!! Around the world (at 8:30pm our time), people around the world will shut off their lights for one hour in a statement of intent to do something about climate change.

Here's the video...

Meanwhile, the American Bird Conservancy and its partners have launched a new program, Conservation Birding, that helps birders in the America choose lodges that promote bird conservation in the Americas. Check it out at

Finally, purely for your viewing pleasure, one of McClatchy's newspapers, the Bradenton Herald, has an amazing photo gallery of Sandhill Cranes and their chicks. Amazing photos - well worth stopping by for.

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Larry said...

Earth Hour-I heard about that.I just put it in my calendar book to remember.I just hope I'll be able to read what it says with the lights off.