Monday, March 15, 2010

Audubon & Important Bird Areas

We were pleased as punch to get a pair of these lovely pins from our friends David Curson and David Yeany II at Audubon Maryland-DC.

They were a lovely reminder of our crazy Bird Blitz-ing last June down in Charles County. We surveyed birds, gathering data on at-risk and declining species to help determine where new Important Bird Areas (IBAs) should be established. IBAs are important in guiding land use and conservation decisions.

The two Davids describe the effort more fully in this issue of the Maryland Ornithological Society's newsletter, The Maryland Yellowthroat. And guess what? The rural area we surveyed in the Nanjemoy section of Charles County held significant numbers of Worm-Eating Warbler, Wood Thrush, Prarie Warbler and other species. It is now an IBA. Wahoo!!!

We can hardly wait for Brid Blitz time again....


Ross Geredien said...

Yeah, Bird Blitz!! Got my pin yesterday, too.

See, I do read!

Chris said...

Great job guys! I hope to be able to get a pin next year. I saw a worm-eating warbler down here in Costa Rica on Manuel Antonio National Park on Monday. Nice to know this little guy has an IBA to head to.