Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mixed Feeding Flock, #9

* Most birders probably know by now that this coming weekend, Friday through Monday, is the Great Backyard Bird Count. Please participate if you can. It's great fun, and every checklist and bit of data helps. Birdcouple, marooned under mounds of snow here in Maryland, will probably be limited to bird feeder-watching. That's okay, too.

* Speaking of bird feeder-watching, February is National Bird-Feeding Month, celebrating a pastime that, in North America at least, is more than a century old. A Guide to Better Bird Feeding can be accessed here.

* As reported by our colleague John over at A DC Birding Blog, eBird recently released guidelines for reporting sensitive species (ie, rare, stressed or declining species) on eBird.

* NABU, the German branch of UK-based Birdlife International just turned 111 years old. We LOVE the Stork in their anniversary logo.

* Finally, Paul Baicich sent us this *truly amazing* video from Oregon Public Broadcasting about how the rebounding Bald Eagle population-along with Common Ravens--is stressing the nesting of Common Murres along the Oregon Coast. Really worth watching.
... More soon. - BC

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