Friday, January 22, 2010

Mixed Feeding Flock, #8

Time for BirdCouple's (very) occasional round-up of interesting bird and birding news.

* First, word comes via Birding World magazine and Birdchick blog that an Ivory-Billed Woodpecker has been seen and photographed in Texas. The photos have not been released yet, so we are going to reserve judgement for now. Hope it's true!

* The Large-Billed Reed Warbler, one of the world's rarest birds, is back in the news again. This is one of our favorite rare-bird stories. First identified in India in 1867, it was almost 140 years before the bird was found again, this time in Thailand. We've posted about this bird several times in the past, here and here.

Now comes word from the Wildlife Conservation Society that a researcher has identified the Large-Billed Reed Warbler's breeding grounds, or at least one of them, in the Pamir Mountains of Afghanistan of all places. The researcher, Robert Timmins, caught and released 20 - 20!! - of the birds. Wonders never cease.

* The Philadelphia Inquirer has an interesting article about troubles with endangered species lists, and whether they can do more harm than good. Nice pictures, although some of the birds are incorrectly identified in the website's photo gallery.

* Finally, friend Paul Baicich passed on this diagram of the new bird topography. We have no idea what it means, but it looks cool:


Kathie Brown said...

What a lot of news! I hope the Ivory-Billed story is also true. I read some about it in Bird Watcher's digest. Wouldn't photos be wonderful!

That diagram is hilarious. I think it was made by someone who is totally baffled by bird field marks!

Albert said...

I assume its in the East Texas Region. There's some good Bayou in that there place.

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Yes - Ivory-Billed was allegedly, and we stress allegedly, seen in East Texas.

Larry said...

I had kind of written off the possibility of IBW. I heard people talking that one may have shown up in Texas-We'll see.