Sunday, January 17, 2010

It is kinda hard to bird if you keep falling down....

Cute Husband and I finally found a weekend that Mitch and Adam could escape with us for a quick ski get-away. Timberline in West Virginia was the destination and Warren and I decided to try cross-country skiing (with our bins in a backpack) on the first day.... perhaps we could add a bird or two to add to our January as we checked out the lovely scenery.

The boys only wanted something super scary, super fast and all downhill. So, they headed up the mountain with their snowboards.

We decided to take a lesson to ensure we were all good with sliding along a somewhat flat surface with long attachments on our feet.

Our instructor was quite wonderful and he even took us up on the lift so that we could test our skills going down a slippery slope between trees with long attachments on our feet.

After falling approximately 50 times (where he would kindly lift me off the ground each time because the long attachments on my feet were not helpful when one needs to get vertical again) he proclaimed us experts.

Our instructor also explained that cross-country skis were easier to use on flat ground and maybe we should look for some of that.

Ok, that sounded good.

Does my smile look fake?

I'm hiding the pain.

Off we went in search of flat land and birds.

We did pish up some Black Capped Chickadees which were a wonderful addition to our year list...

I discovered that you can be standing in one place, not moving at all, with long attachments on your feet and quickly drop right smack on the ground.

Snow is slippery with long attachments on your feet.

So, the next morning, we decided to ditch the bins and try our hand at down hill skiing.

He is very cute, is he not?

This is the view from the top of the mountain that my thoughtful husband took for me. After crashing and burning getting off lift at the first green trail and when complete and utter fear took over when I saw a hill larger than the bunny slope, I surrendered and watched my gents glide down the mountain from a cozy viewing area at the bottom.

I'm still in pain.

But, beyond happy to spend time with my three favorite guys.

So, the final birds of the weekend?

A Ravens win that, unfortunately, did not replay last night....

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