Thursday, January 7, 2010

Birding Community E-Bulletin

The first issue of the Birding Community E-Bulletin for 2010 is out, and we want to draw BC fans' attention to this wonderful, and under-appreciated report.

This month's issue, available here, has interesting news about top North American rarities, including Bare-Throated Tiger Heron, Pink-Footed Goose and Ivory Gull. But (as the old TV commercial used to say), wait, There's More!

Other articles cover the 20th anniversary of Partners in Flight; worrisome news about two at-risk bird species in Canada; a nod to a VERY important book about bird-healthy gardens and invasive plants, entitled Bringing Nature Home (Lisa blogged about this book in November and Warren is reading it right now); and other good stuff about IBAs, Red Knots and bird-friendly coffee. Most importantly, a reminder that in 2010, we should be thinking not only about the birds we see and add to our various lists, but what we are doing for them.

The E-Bulletin is written by our good friend Paul Baicich and colleague Wayne Petersen, director of Mass Audubon's IBA program. Good, good stuff.

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