Monday, January 11, 2010

Big January update - 60 species

Birdcouple is doing a Big January, a bit of fun that we are sharing with several of our fellow bloggers, including Kim, The Curious Birder; and Larry at the Brownstone Birding Blog. We're also in a friendly - very friendly - competition with our good friend Ross Geredien, he of the Good Migrations.

Big January means trying to see as many different species as you can in the first, cold, snowy month of the year. On one level, it's a bit silly (especially to non-birders), we realize. But it's also a lot of fun, and forces us to get outside during a time of year when the inclination is to stay indoors and read or (worse) watch TV.

So where are we? With a third of the month gone, it's time to report! Lisa saw a Brown-Headed Cowbird in Annapolis today, our 60th bird species of 2010. Exlcuding birds seen out-of-state (an Orange-Crowned Warbler in DC and Black-Capped Chickadee in West Virginia), we are at 58. That's okay, but we clearly have to step it up just a bit to reach our goal of 100 by January 31. And of course, as the common birds are ticked off, it does get progressively harder. Ross G is miles ahead of us.

Onward and upward! Watch out winter birds! Watch out Ross!

We'll report back on the weekend...
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Chris Petrak said...

A "big" January almost sounds like an oxymoron, but wait a minutes - are you talking in your home town, home state, NA, or anywhere - and you reported that Lisa saw a BHCO, but what about Warren - are you double teaming everyone? Teams usually have to all get the bird in order to count. Even so, 60 is a pretty good start. I'm at 43, but if I eliminate my trip to the Mass coast, I'm down to 14 - though I just added 2 today with goldfinch and Evening Grosbeak. Good luck, and good birding!

Larry said...

you've got a good start but keep t it!From 60 to 100 is going to be the hard part but you can get on a nice run if you just figure out the best location. It's fun that to have other bloggers involved.

Ross Geredien said...

No new species for me in the past few days. Still holding at 72, but I've got a few birds to target this week. Weather looks bad for Sunday. Wish my mother-in-law wasn't come over on Saturday!

Ross Geredien said...

Still holding at 72 here! Nothing new in the past 2 days. : (