Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm ok... really... it is all perfectly normal... really...

I am perfectly normal.

In fact, I think if you asked any woman who was desperately missing her Cute Husband, she would do the same thing as me...

It all started when I realized that the birds were coming to the feeders and then staring inside the house at me.

You see, Warren is the feeder-filler guy in the house.

Every feeder was dead empty.

And, every bag of bird food was dead empty.

Sadly, I had not noticed their plight because I have been very busy spending all the money in our house fund to update one of the bathrooms before Cute Husband's return.

So, off to one of my favorite stores I went. The Annapolis Wild Bird Center is a super cozy all-things-bird kind of store. A perfect place to chat with other bird lovers and pick up a bag of seed and make your wish list for the holidays.

So, I pick up my big bag of a delicious mixture of sunflower seeds and peanuts. The Cardinals and Carolina Chickadees are going to be so happy!

Then I started thinking how much the Downy Woodpeckers and the White-breasted Nuthatches enjoy peanuts...looks good enough for human consumption, right?That thought led me to wonder about the Goldfinches and how their Niger was looking a little stale.

I really needed to get them this tasty treat which is Niger and another finch loving seed mixture.

All of that made me remember my special relationship with the many squirrels and raccoons who love eating bird seed.
So, I'm all checked out with my goodies and Bill, the most wonderful of all bird store owners, asks if he can help me carry my loot out to the car.

Not good.

I shopped hard enough at a Wild Bird Center that I needed help with the packages.

So, I'm all loaded up and I realize that I forgot suet!
Oh well, I can probably just render my own, by heating some fat until it liquefies and then I could strain it through some cheesecloth and watch it harden as it cools.

Or, alternately, I could just wait until pay day and go back to the Wild Bird Center.

So, the bag of peanuts is riding along in the front seat with me, which reminded me that it was lunch time and the most wonderful of all bistros was right around the corner.

I deserved a treat.

I mean, I have gone several weeks without any Cute Husband entertainment.

After a luxurious meal, I started thinking about the near starving birds at the LoveNest and high tailed it back to my car.

But on my way, I noticed the cutest red jacket in a store window.
Guess what?

They only had one left and it was in my size!

Yes, all perfectly normal behavior.

I'm just trying to stay busy.

Just trying to occupy the weeks before the Cute One returns...

Right, Warren Love?


Karen said...

Shopping makes everyone feel better! Lisa, you crack me up! I can always count on you for a smile and a good laugh!

Was that a cow?

Nervous Birds said...

Hey, girly in the red jacket!! You know who lives just down the street from Bill's Wild Bird Emporium??? Uh huh... that's right... us.

AND, we've got suet. You like it hot? I've got Pepper suet. Fruity? Blueberry! Nutty? Almond cakes!! Citrus more your thing? Orange you a particular one.

Miss you both. See you soon, right?

Happy Thanksgiving.

-Dan, Em, Declan, Isla, Oiseau and the well fed birds on Giddings Avenue.

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Karen - please don't let me start thinking that having a cow lawn ornament is normal- or I will start on-line shopping for one!

Dan - Missing you guys as well - next time I'll just shop for bird goodies at your house!

Happy Thanksgiving!