Saturday, November 14, 2009

Easton Waterfowl Festival!

The 39th Annual, no less!I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends to invite me to join them on such wonderful events while Cute Husband is away...

Paul Baicich
escorted me to the Easton Waterfowl Festival to enjoy a damp Saturday of everything waterfowl and some really tasty Maryland Crab Soup.

Easton Maryland has all things charming plus some really great galleries and restaurants. The Waterfowl Festival is one on the town's fall highlights.

And, did we see waterfowl!None actually moving off a body of water, but the exhibits have every manner of bird imaginable.

Some tiny miniature portrayals...Many life size decoys (and antique working decoys) along with prints of everything with wings.

It was somewhat torturous, as I wanted to build a whole LoveNest decorated with wooden replicas and sculptures of birds with bird portraits hanging on every wall!

I wanted to purchase bird holiday gifts for everyone I knew!

I wanted to wear bird paraphernalia to work every day!
I was lucky that Paul was there to remind me of my limited bank roll and the freakishness of such thoughts...
There was one piece of art that really moved me.

The above work is called "Old Tom" and although we tried not to ever refer to my Dad as "old", his name was Tom. He was a duck hunter and he sported a mustache, much like this gentleman.

My Dad would have really enjoyed the show today....

Without a doubt, the most enjoyable part of the festival for me, was meeting Robert Bealle, a Maryland artist who won the 2009 Duck Stamp Contest.
Perhaps you can tell I was a little shy standing in the shadow of a Duck Stamp SuperStar.

Mr. Bealle's portrayal of an American Wigeon will help raise about $25 million in the upcoming year to fund wetland habitat acquisition for the National Wildlife Refuge System.

The Duck Stamp is good business for birds, so if you haven't purchased the 2009 model, now is the time. My personal autographed memento.

And, although Paul is the most wonderful of company, I couldn't help missing Cute Husband all day as I know this was one event we can not miss in 2010.

Plus, next year marks the 40th anniversary of the festival!

See why I call him Cute Husband?

Missing you...

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Dawn Fine said...

oh what wonderful art to look at..and that picture that reminded you of your dad..very touching. And cute husband still in least you have nice friends to spend time with.
Hope all is well.