Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Creation of a Thousand Forests.... in one acorn.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ahh... fall on the East Coast!
It is the time of year in Maryland when trees are literally raining leaves.
But according to this from NPR, leaves aren't exactly falling...

But, rather, the trees are shoving the leaves off the limbs.

In Cute Husband's absence, I have further
fallen into senselessness.
We picked up the new Sibley Guide to Trees few weeks back and ever since this book entered the house, I have become freakishly obsessed with collecting leaves and trying to ID them.

Oh, and also listing them.

I'm pretty much raking the front yard onto the dining room table, where I have my ever growing display of leaves in various stages of fade.
Yesterday, my leaf press arrived and now I can preserve them!
And, look at them some more!

For those that I want to capture exactly as they existed when I found them, I scan them!

And, look at them some more!

Normal, right?

Sure, yes, I'm ok without Cute Hubby to entertain me...


Chris Petrak said...

I like what you've done with the leaves etc - I got the Sibley trees also, and am thinking along the same lines as you are doing. It's a good book, but just like the original sibley birds, a bit cumbersome in the field, esp when I've already got binos, camera, scope, tripod, accessories, phone, ipod, food ... the list never ends it seems. But dabbling with the trees, it looks like another good job.

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Chris - the greatest thing about trees is that they stand still for a nice long look.

Agree that the "guide" is not too handy for field work, but I am really enjoying constantly "leafing" through it. Ha!

Larry said...

I saw that new Sibley book and really like the way things are laid out.I'm glad you didn't show a photo of those maple helicopters because I spend too much time cleaning those things out of my gutters.