Monday, November 2, 2009

Birding a Bit in Baghdad

W is starting a six-week reporting assignment in Iraq. While it's much less violent here than it was just a few years ago, it's very far from stable - and he can't exactly go wandering with bins looking for parks and rivers with birds in 'em.

So far, birding has been limited to his hotel balcony. Here's the list so far:

_ House Sparrow
_ Rock Pigeon
_ (Eurasian) Collared Dove
_ crow, species.

Impressive, huh?

Much more importantly, our sponsor, Alpen Optics, has now made it to Iraq! Alpen has kindly given us several pairs of binoculars over the years to test and share with folks we meet at bird walks and bird tours. Warren decided to bring a pair to Baghdad and loan it (permanently) to one of McClatchy's Iraqi employees who is crazy about birds. Our Iraqi friend was thrilled. Maybe he and Warren can go out birding sometime soon.

"Pass the glass" whenever and wherever you can...

Did W mention that he misses L?


Albert said...

House Sparrow? Pigeon?
Sweet. You can finally check them off you list.

Larry said...

My first scope was an alpen and it was a bargain at 100 bucks.