Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Baghdad Update 1

Well, not much new to report (bird-wise) after my first 10 days here in Baghdad, capital of the Land of the Two Rivers.

Most of the "birds" I see and hear are military helicopters, both U.S. and Iraqi security forces, flying over the city. I was at a reception at the US ambassador's house a few days ago, sitting at an outdoor table, when I heard some clearly plover- or killdeer-like things flying close overhead and land nearby. It was dark. I couldn't exactly go rushing around the ambassador's residence searching for shorebirds, now could I? Well, maybe...

Anyway, in addition to my paltry list a couple of post belows, I can now add:

_ White Wagtail
_ probable Black-Headed Gull.
_ Roller, sp. (Probable Indian Roller, could it be European Roller???)


_ U.S. military helicopter, sp.
_ Iraqi Armed Forces helicopter, sp.

- W

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Larry said...

Interesting-I remember a soldier had a birding blog over in that area.