Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mixed Feeding Flock, #7

First and foremost, Lisa just snagged us The Sibley Guide to Trees. It's amazing. Guess what she's been doing on Saturday morning?

We'll post more about this soon. ... Elsewhere in the world of birds and nature:

* Over at Nervous Birds, Dan Haas has an amazing essay and photos that tell the story, from fledging to the present, of our very own local Peregrine Falcon.

* Also locally, a deal was reached earlier this month to preserve 600 acres and enhance the South River Greenway in the Annapolis/Crownsville area. Great news!

* Farther afield, A DC Birding Blog posted recently about a rare crow that has just been rediscovered in the wild, the Banggai Crow. It's not extinct as thought, but still critically endangered.

* Finally, the Associated Press recently did a piece about Hawk Mountain, Pa. We read it in the local Roanoke, Virgina, paper when we were down visiting Adam at Virginia Tech. Not a lot in there that fans of Hawk Mountain didn't know, but a nice article all the same.

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