Saturday, October 17, 2009

Eating it Up!

This was the bounty from our first week of participation in our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

Basically, we purchased a "share" in a local farm - Calvert Farm - and each week, during the growing season, we get a box full of goodies.
It is completely bonus, as the produce is uber fresh and locally grown - plus, Cute Husband and I are getting acquainted with some veggies that we normally wouldn't attempt to cook.
Do you see that cabbage the size of a basketball in the back?
The only thing not included is the wine.
However, the added bonus is that the CSA box pickup is very near one of our favorite wine stores.
And, we discovered that an Argentine red is mighty fine with sweet potatoes.

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Chris Petrak said...

CSA is very big in my area, but I wonder how to use it all, even doing a half share w/someone else. I am "retiring" from the veggie gardening after this year - actually as of now - to devote more time to birds & travel. I suppose I should give the CSA a shot - being vegetarian through the summer is probably a good thing. Always good to get encouragement.