Sunday, October 18, 2009

Duck Stamp: And the winner is....

BC just got back this evening from Virginia Tech, where we had a lovely visit with young Adam, first time we've seen him since he went away to become a college man...

As Lisa blogged last week, we were lucky enough last weekend to participate in a Big Sit at Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge and, after that was over, take a peek at the entries for the 2010-2011 federal "duck stamp." As readers of all know, the stamp, required for waterfowl hunters, helps purchase and preserve thousands of acres of habitat in NWRs..

While we were away, Paul Baicich kept us updated on the Duck Stamp art contest, from his computer straight to Warren's BlackBerry. Without further ado, the winner is:

... This beautiful American Wigeon by Robert Bealle of Waldorf, Maryland. Robert came in 2nd in the contest -- 26 years ago -- and has been trying again ever since. We love this image (can't wait to buy our stamp) and are very proud that the prize went to a local boy. Paul also passed on this story from the Baltimore Sun.

Congrats Robert. The rest of you ... BUY THAT STAMP! :)

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Larry said...

That is a striking image.I haven't done that yet but will soon.