Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bird-friendly coffee

Coffee, as our friend Paul B frequently reminds us, is the second-most traded commodity in the world (after the black goo called oil) and how we use it can have a tremendous impact on birds, and our environment as a whole.

We recently found a new source of bird-friendly coffee here in the mid-Atlantic states, Golden Valley Farms out of West Chester, Pa. Better yet, they are a family-owned and -run company, that selects and roasts their own coffee beans - and spreads the gospel of eco-friendly and organic coffee. BC likes that.

Golden Valley Farms was kind enough to send us their Bird-Friendly Coffee Sampler, which contains seven different pouches of ground coffee that makes 3-4 cups each. Six out of the seven are organic, and each coffee - they are from Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and El Salvador - features a bird, which helps remind us what this is all about. Well, the coffee is about all gone! Warren, a bigger coffee drinker than Princess L, liked them all. Hard to pick a favorite, although the Colombian Organic Don Telmo Reserva Tipica was particularly scrumptious.

Golden Valley Farms' Liz Janda tells us their coffee s served to visitors at the National Zoo in Washington, DC - the El Salvador Santa Teresa Pacamara to be exact. And, of course, you can order it online at

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Patrick B. said...

Awesome! I've been buying my coffee from Counter CUlture, but this looks just as good. I'll be sure to order from here next time I need more coffee.