Saturday, September 12, 2009

We live in a beautiful place...

.. called Annapolis, Maryland. Home to the US Naval Academy. Sailing capital of the USA. (Sorry, San Diego). And right next door to the bounty and splendor of the Chesapeake Bay.

Sometimes, though, we forget what a magical place it is. Until we see it from a visitor's perspective again. That's what we did recently - we took a sunset cruise around Annapolis and the Severn River on one of the Woodwind Schooners to celebrate Grammy Thora Strobel's birthday.

It was marvelous evening, a few passing showers only serving to enhance the gorgeous sunset. These cellphone camera pictures (note to self: fix camera) don't even begin to capture the loveliness of the setting.

U.S. Naval Academy

Severn River just before sunset

Two very happy Annapolitans

The captain of the Woodwind seemed to know a lot about sailing. But when a Great Blue Heron crossed our bow, he pointed it out and declared to the passengers that it was the largest North American bird. Warren was skeptical and, because he can't help himself, he had to check. GBHE is not the largest bird on our continent. It's the California Condor. Which is not usually sighted around the Chesapeake Bay...


eileeninmd said...

Nice post! The Chesapeake Bay is a beautiful place to sail.

Bennet said...

Don't forget about St. John's College. Your photos are making me reminisce!

Dawn Fine said...

You do live in a wonderful place! I loved visiting Annapolis as a child..we would visit my grandmother there every summer.

What a beautiful couple! nice photo of the two of you!