Monday, September 14, 2009

Birds and Bond. James Bond.

Did you have any idea that Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond novels was a birdwatcher?

It is true!

In fact, Mr Fleming was looking for a name for the hero of his book, Casino Royale, and happened to have a copy of the following hanging about his house (well, not the Peterson Guide, but the original Bond guide...)
He received permission from the ornithologist, James Bond, to call his character Bond.

James Bond.

Fleming said that he "wanted the simplest, dullest, plainest-sounding name I could think of. James Bond seemed perfect."

In in his novel Dr. No, Fleming also referenced Bond's work by basing an ornithological sanctuary on Dr. No's island in the Bahamas.

So, why the Bond-ness?

Because Warren and I were invited to a Bond party this weekend to celebrate all things secret service.

Which brings me to my favorite James Bond.
Not Roger Moore.
Nope not Pierce.
Might have been Connery....

If Cute Husband didn't have all the necessary gadgets....

Very disarming!

But... you are probably "just here for the birds." (Die Another Day)

BirdCouple did do a spot of birding after a night of shaken martinis, gold dust and toy knives.

Cute Husband and I enjoyed a morning walk on Sunday in search of anything heading South. We started the morning at Davidsonville Park walking between the ponds searching the tops of trees and enjoying the water lily blooms.

We heard an unfamiliar whiny call and tracked down our first sure migrant of the day, an Alder Flycatcher!

Our camera is on the fritz and our little point and shoot refused to focus on the bird, but the above picture is a good example of where one might find an Alder Flycatcher, in migration, singing.

He really was super cooperative and sang his heart out. We noted at least 4 other flycatchers in the same area, but all refused to sing to give us any clue as to what exact species they were.
This Pearl Crescent (thanks for the proper ID, Patrick!)was much more cooperative.
Pearl Crescent.
Might not be a bad Bond Girl name...


Patrick B. said...

I think I need to throw a Bond party. Cool idea. Pearl Crescent is also a good Bond girl name and I think that is what your butterfly there is.

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Thanks Patrick! Will update!

Dawn Fine said...

Howdee you two! Yes..cute husband looks dashing in his Bond attire!
Nice to catch up with you two again..after what seemed like ages without internet.
I am back...and I will be blog reading like crazy now!

Chris Petrak said...

Your posts are always so charming ... and about point and shoots that don't focus. that's why I finally went to a "real" digital slr camera and do you know what - tiny little birds are still hard to find & get focused and i still get lots of leaf and branch pics. Pearl Crescent? yes, I like that