Sunday, August 16, 2009

Went birding, forgot camera

Maybe it's because we stayed up nearly until 2 am on Friday reminiscing with Adam, who is about to make the big step to becoming a college man, but we flew out of here on Saturday morning with half our usual bird gear - including no camera.

Our destination was Ocean City, Maryland, where we were to watch Adam's older brother, Mitch, play in the annual O.C. Lacrosse Tournament. Of course, we scheduled some birding around Mitch's matches. And Warren managed to snap a few pics with the camera on his new BlackBerry.

Lisa makes any optical device look great. Isn't she beautiful and stylish as she spys the birdlife on Skimmer Island?

The island, in the bay just west of OC, was crazy good with birds - Black Skimmers galore, Royal Terns, a pair of Marbled Godwits, oystercatchers, dowitchers, a Tri-Colored Heron and more. Here's a cellphone shot of the island:

Then it was off to see Mitch play some lax. His team had a rough tournament, but we got to see their one victory of the weekend, an exciting comeback performance. We said ciao to Mitch, who was spending the weekend at the shore with friends, and headed off to Assateague Island for a bit of pre-dark birding and a tres romatic sunset walk on the beach. Sigh.

Near the restrooms at the Over Sand Vehicle zone a pair of Barn Swallows huddled under the corner of a building. Their parents buzz-dived Warren as he took a shot from a respectful distance. Ah, weekends!


Albert said...

Was everyone at OC last week? We were there as well. Ever checked out the west of Rt 54. I drive over the bridge and marsh at least 20 times every time I visit and never take the time to stop. Just drive by with my eyes focused off the road.

Chris Petrak said...

Not bad for a blackberry - reminds me of the pelagic trip I did last year when I forgot my memory card - only had room for about 15 photos. Last week I took 800!

Dawn Fine said...

Thank goodness for a phone camera!
Lisa looks lovely!
Glad u had a good birdie time!