Saturday, August 1, 2009

Teens with iPhone snag possible 1st US bird record

Birdcouple loves this story from National Public Radio. Young campers hiking in southern Arizona recently with bird counselor David Jasper heard an unfamiliar thrush song. The kinds whipped out their iPhone and identified it as a Brown-Backed Solitaire, a bird of Central America and Mexico!!

Brown-Backed Solitaire has been seen or heard several times in the southeastern U.S., but it is a popular caged bird in Mexico, and those records may have been of escapees.

This may qualify as the first confirmed North American record. Young birders give us hope! Really worth listening to the NPR piece...


Chris Petrak said...

What a great post - and no surprise that Dave Jaspar would be in the thick of it. On two trips to Paradise, AZ, I have met him and talked with him, and to say that he knows his birds is an understatement. Interesting character. His feeders are open to all and worth a couple of hours.

Nervous Birds said...

...and in a related story, a Pelican eats a cell phone.

Okay, so it's not really all that related to your post, but it is interesting.

Strange bird, the Pelican... His beak can hold more than his belly can. But I wonder, can his bell send texts?


Kathie Brown said...

Wow, and I live here and didn't even know this! Go kids!

Dawn Fine said...

Oh..I had no idea that the teens found the job!