Friday, August 7, 2009

Facebook, finally

Birdcouple's been bigtime busy. What else is new, right?

But finally we have gotten our act together, and created a Facebook page to go along with the blog. Please check us out here and, if you want, join our growing legions of fans.


TO: Princess
FROM: Warren
RE: Birdcouple

Sweet - great posts on organic food, CSAs and zucchini. Really helping drive Web traffic. Don't mean to be criticial, but maybe we should think of putting up some bird pictures and information soon. Otherwise we will have to rename the blog Foodcouple.

Please share thoughts. Or we could meet on this one? Our place, our ours?


MEMO (in response to your MEMO)
TO: Cute Husband
FROM: Lisa
RE: Birdcouple

Sugar - (oh, sorry that is a food item),

Agree. So please take me birding this weekend. I'd still like to meet to discuss further, our ours.


PS - you still plan to grill that steak for me tonight, right?

TO: Sugar-bun
RE: re: Birdcouple

Yes, I will grill you steaks (food) ce soire, while we listen to WOOD THRUSHES (birds)!!!

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