Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Been Hiking Again

The Traveling Lovenest*

Birdcouple has been off hiking the Appalachian Trail again - closing in on the 600-mile mark in our travels along the AT! Wahoo!!!

We'll be posting full details of the adventure soon on BC's AT blog.

And we'll be back to the birds soon. Fall migration is on!!

* Johns Hollow Shelter, Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia.


Larry said...

I love hiking but I've never gotten into the serious Appalachian
hiking seen.I'm going to try a portion of the trail up here in the mortheast 1st week of October.

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Larry - have a good hike! We've hiked the AT as far north as a few miles across the NJ-NY border. Next year, we should be in Connecticut and would love to meet you!

- W and L