Sunday, July 26, 2009

Where y'all been?

Well, we were in the Republic of Hokie Land getting oriented to the fact that our youngest brood was going to be attending college 5 1/2 hours away and then we were celebrating the fact that the little man chose a college (Virginia Tech, for those of you who don't yet know what a HOKIE is) so close to part of the Appalachian Trail that we needed to hike.

More soon on the first of many hikes surrounding Blacksburg, VA on our AT site.....


Kaki said...

OMG -- We will meet again! Our daughter will be a Sophomore and our son just finished Orientation as well! Look forward to seeing you sometime... what would you think of a family bird-walk at VT? (Hokie bird might scare them away...)
What is the bird call identifying CD you use?
Good to check in and find this common ground! 8-)
Arms around,
(from Wintergreen Symposium)

Albert said...

Truly. Prepare to answer the question on a regular basis. What is a Hokie? I used to keep a print out of the story at my desk.

Paige said...

He used to draw me pictures...sigh. Now he's all grown up.

Dawn Fine said...

Congratulations to your son..and how nice of him to choose a location so near the Appalachian trail!