Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Put your stamp on

Wow! Doesn't that just say it all? These new Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are being released this week as part of a new effort to promote the Migraqtory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp, aka the Duck Stamp. This is a much-needed, if long overdue effort, to better get the word out about the stamp.

As every good birder knows, or should know, it's funds from the stamp that purchase the lands that make up most of our National Wildlife Refuges, as the PSA above suggests. It's the best $15, yes just $15, that any bird-lover ever spent.

So, like the ad says, Put Your Stamp On, and help preserve the future of birding. We're going to go get our 2009-2010 stamp right away. And maybe a few for friends too.

And feel free to copy these images and spread 'em around on blogs and so forth - get the word out.

Here is some more information about the Federal Duck Stamp, including images of the 2009-2010 stamp, a beautiful portrayal of a pair of Long-Tailed Ducks.

The group that helped come up with the "Put Your Stamp On" campaign includes Paul Baicich (of course!!!), Bill Hartwig, Vaughn Collins, Barbara Volkle, Jim Williams, Ric Zarwell and Bill Stewart.

The wonderful images for the ads were provided free of charge by Kim Steininger.

So, help the birds, preserve the environment and ........... PUT YOUR STAMP ON!

P.S. - Bill of the Birds blog also has a post on this...

P.P.S. - More also on the Saving Birds Through Habitat website.


Dawn Fine said...

will pass this on..I must buy some stamps soon! thanks for reminding me.
I will give this post a tweet out on twitter to remind people..

Chris Petrak said...

Thanks for the post. So far I have avoided ads, etc., on my blog, but this one is more than worthy, plus cheap admission to refuges and no need to fill out envelopes & deposit cash. But I remember one year when I did not get the stamp until April because the refuge offices were closed, or out of stamps whenever I stopped. Government administration of refuges often leaves much to be desired.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your support, we really hope this makes a difference and adds to the sales and awareness to the benefits of the Duck Stamp.

Best and good birding,

Bill Stewart