Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birders Who Blog, Tweet and Chirp

Birdcouple is really enjoying the new Birders Who Blog, Tweet and Chirp site, a great forum (and sweet-looking site) for those of us who enjoy birding AND telling the world about it. We're proud to be among the growing membership.

The two principal moderators of the forum (as of now) are John Briggs, the MaineBirder, and Dawn Fine, of Dawns bloggy blog, one of our personal favorites. Special thanks to Dawn for spreading the word about BWBTC. It is also available as a Facebook group, of course.

(Birdcouple is going to get themselves on Facebook soon. We promise. Really.)

So check out BWBTC, and join the discussion.

P.S. - And check out Lisa's awesome new post on Birdcouple's Appalachian Trail blog..


Dawn Fine said...

Oh Thanks so much for this post! So happy you both have joined!
I left you a message as to where to find the logo for your blog.
Hope you enjoy the site and feel free to use it for bird outings etc.

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Dawn - thanks! We WILL join one of the bird blog outings/get togethers one of these days so we can actually meet you!!

W & L