Sunday, June 7, 2009

While the Cute Cat is Away...

The girls played!Ok, not exactly girls gone wild...

My gal pal, Patty (who is missing her guy too) and I played bee inspectors to see if everything was blissful in the backyard bee garden. It was Patty's initiation into all things bee and I could just tell she was pretty excited about the cool outfit she got to sport while checking out the gals.

I could also tell she was super intrigued by the nifty tools that are made especially for bee keeping!Yes, yes, beekeeping has super boss clothes and accessories, but the bees are what it is all about.

I'm opening up the Artemis hive above.

And, I'm feeling a little sorry for her shabby paint job and her condemned building look now that I see it up on the computer screen.

Artemis, make it through the winter and new digs for you next year!

This is a frame from Artemis.

Notice the disturbed look on my face.

This is girls gone wild or at least honey comb gone wild...
I either read somewhere or someone told me in bee club that if you put a short frame (such as the one above), you can reduce the pesky mites that bees get by removing the drone comb in the spring, as that is where mites like to hang out.
Um, that didn't really work to my expectation.

It was actually super sad because Queen Artemis laid eggs below the short frame which were in the larvae stage and were violently ripped off when I took the hive apart.

I really hate hurting my bees.

The trouble with beekeeping is that honey bees are not native to North America. They are susceptible to a range of diseases and mites. On top of that, tiny creatures of all sort love to find a weak hive and nest in their honey and wax and ruin the whole production.

There are a variety of pesticides and medications that can be applied to bee hives.

I won't do it.

I only use natural stuff, like powered sugar, to fight off bee hive invaders. And, I try every idea that I can learn about to manage the hives so that the bees are less susceptible to disease or pests.

Unfortunately, I fail often in my quest for a genetically strong hive that can fight naturally against all things bad for bees.
Ugh! It is so hard caring so much for a bunch of insects!

I'm not quite sure if Patty is up life as a beekeeper..... One or two rogue bees from the Hera hive chased her around the yard....

But, she sure looks swell in the outfit!

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Dawn Fine said...

LOL..what a different way to have a Girls day out..
hope your hives stay healthy and producs allot of honey!