Saturday, June 27, 2009

I B Bloggin' Again on BC

Lisa has been keeping going (there could never be any question about Birdcouple itself keeping going), while Warren has been galavanting around the world. Well, to be more precise, Warren was in Iran for 10 days covering the election, which turned into quite another story ... but that's another story.

And then it took W about a week to recover, thanks to MORE work on Iran, jetlag, some Persian flu bug, etc, etc. So, mea culpa.

But Birdcouple is definitely a blog made for 2, and while June has been a bit of a wash out, here we go again!!!

Here are a few birds from Golestan Palace in Tehran, which was the seat of power during Iran's Qajar dynasty. These beautiful paintings look like doves for sure, but what species, I couldn't say.

Golestan actually has a very eco-friendly building, 200 years before its time, that is an architectural wind-catcher, designed to catch the wind and use it for natural cooling... Cool!

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Chris Petrak said...

Getting caught up after being away last week. Glad that Warren is home safely, and thanks for the art posts. I love those - just wish that ancient culture could be shared with more of the world, but the leaders don't seem to like us. Hope you get to see birds in the bush, and not in museums & printed pages.