Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mixed Feeding Flock #4

Lots and lots going on in the bird world, even as spring passes into summer...

The National Bird-Feeding Society has launched its all-new website, which has lots of wonderful pictures, a blog and other information on bird-feeding, and (most important to BC) information on wildlife conservation and education. ... The NBFS is sponsored by another one of our favorite oufits, Wild Bird Centers.

Two new Important Birding Areas (IBAs) were dedicated in Maryland last month, thanks to Audubon Maryland-DC. They are the Assateague Island IBA (globally important for nesting Piping Plovers) and the Maryland Coastal Bays IBA. Birdcouple is headed out next month to help with Bird Blitz, a rigorous survey to identify potential new IBAs.

And Maryland's Eastern Shore last week played host to a vagrant Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher, rare in these parts. Lisa and Warren couldn't break away to see it, but Dan Haas got the bird and some pictures .. and he's also got some wonderful shots up of our local Peregrine Falcon.

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