Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Warblers are Here!!!!!!!!!

Prarie Warbler
And all their migrant buddies, too. This is a great time of year! Migrant passerines have arrived from the south and, for just a few more days, the trees are not so thick with leaves that they are (relatively) easy to see and photograph.
We spent our spare hours birding like mad this past weekend, a lot of it at Governor Bridge Natural Area along the Patuxent River in Prince George's County. The sounds and colors were amazing.

Dan Haas brought this Prarie Warbler in using a recording of his call. PRWA must be thinking, where is that other bird?
It wasn't just warblers that arrived with the warming weather, however:

Scarlet Tanager

This second picture is really interesting. You can see what appears to be the last of the bird's winter clothes (in yellow-green), giving way to its splendid scarlet summer suit. (Apologies for the alliteration....)

Hooded Warblers can be very hard to see in summer, as they tend to stick close to the ground, or hide in dense foliage, leaving you with nothing but their ringing call. They are lovely to look at, just striking:

And last but not least:

Yellow-Throated Vireo
Another bird that is best seen in the waning days of April or early May, before the greenery masks everything and the birds quiet down for the breeding season. Has he got food or nesting material there?


Kim said...

Love your warbler pictures!!! I am so antsy to get out there and bird this weekend so I can see some of that gorgeous color myself!

Ruth said...

The warblers are returning in droves. A Prairie Warbler was seen close to our home this week (unusual) and I looked unsuccessfully for it. Lovely pictures and blog. Thanks for dropping by and visiting mine.

Larry said...

I've got to invest in one of those callers.Otherwise it is so tough to get close-up shots of warblers.You saw two of my favorites.-Hooded Warblers are pretty tough to come by around here.

Kathie Brown said...

Yeah for the wrblers! And I got to see so many in WV! I never thought I would see them ever. It is a wonderful experience. I saw my first prairie warbler there as well as my first yellow-throated vireo! Nice photos of all here!