Thursday, April 16, 2009

Upcoming Appearances

Birdcouple is pleased as punch to be participating in the Wintergreen Nature Foundation's annual Spring Wildflower Symposium from May 15-17. We'll be leading three bird walks over the course of the weekend, high up in the Virginia mountains at the height of spring migratiion. We can't wait to share the birds with the participants, and learn more about the mountain flora.

Please think about joining us if you live in the area. The foundation is a top-flight nature research and education center in Virginia's Blue Ridge mountains, located in the world-famous Wintergreen ski resort.

After participating in the symposium and leading bird walks, we will head over to a place that always tugs on our hearts and our bins, Keswick Hall, to do some more bird education. We helped do a bird survey of Keswick's amazing property, and got started on a bird list -- which we aim to expand.

Talk about TOO MUCH FUN. Spring is here!


Dawn Fine said...

I am going to keep that event in mind...We will be leaving NC the beginning of may and heading north.

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

dAwN - We would LOVE to see you!

Nervous Birds said...

I promise, seriously, not to sneak on to any of your bird walks and start 'hooting' like an owl.

Seriously, I wouldn't do that... not to you... nuh uh.

Mmm, ok, maybe once.


Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Dan - That was COLD, we know. We're sorry. Will never happen again. But you must admit, it sounded pretty good at first....