Thursday, April 23, 2009

Setting your clock (or your calendar) by Wood Thrush

This blows Birdcouple away. Every spring, the Wood Thrushes arrive in our back forty (actually back 1.8 acres of woods) and serenade us throughout the summer, until they head south in August or early September. Their arrival heralds the start of the season here at the Lovenest.

Warren keeps pretty careful records of BC's birdsightings, using Avisys software.

The Wood Thrushes arrived on April 24, 2007; April 23, 2008 and .... (drum roll goes here) this year .. today, April 23.

How DO they do it? Without Blackberry, personal organizer or even a wall calender, they just know how to get here and when to get here.

Welcome back, Wood Thrushes.


Heather said...

I'm still (anxiously!) waiting to hear that first Wood Thrush in our woods. I hope it will be soon! Heard my first Ovenbird of the season this morning before leaving for work.
Regarding the timing thing, our Phoebes seem to have a similar thing going on. Right around March 15th they magically appear... like clockwork. Amazing, isn't it?!

Albert said...

Although I basically keep no records of when they arrive, I always look forward to the Ovenbird song which started last weekend.

Kathie Brown said...

Amazing! How wonderful to keep track and how wonderful to hear their songs!

Keenan said...

I always keep a field recorder on me to identify calls. You guys have a wonderful system!

*I Donate to Cornell Ornithology!*

Larry said...

Ad what a wonderful bird they are-They have such a cool song with their double sets of vocal chords.That is amazing that they seem to arrive almost the same time every year.-I've noticed Prarie Warblers showing up on the same weekend in Portland each year.