Wednesday, April 22, 2009

EARTH DAY....Bring it on!

Happy Earth Day!

The day to celebrate the 4.6 billion year old blue and white ball that we all call home.

It is also a day when we are reminded that we have a commitment.

The purpose of Earth Day should not just be the accomplishment of a single action on a single day, such as planting a tree or cleaning up a park --although these are wonderful things to do!

A true celebration of Earth Day is committing to long term environmental actions that make our plant greener, day by day.

Committing to buy green products such as energy-saving light bulbs.

Committing to buying local produce and eating sustainable food.

Committing to avoiding pesticides and herbicides.

Committing to reducing water use and treating it like the precious resource it is.

Committing to inspiring awareness and appreciation for our environment.

And, if you are my Cute Husband, it means committing to birding every day during spring migration!

Explore and enjoy something new on our big blue and white ball today...


Louis and Vencka said...

Happy Earth Day to you each and every day! Enjoy and celebrate the rain that is making all things so green by us. We have a new case of Biobags and will drop a box off when you are home (too rainy today and they will begin to break down in your paperbox!). We have not used a plastic garbage bag since Louis' retirement party a year ago March. Compost is doing great - the wildlife seems to think so too :->. Thanks for motivating me to do more there.

Christopher said...

Very well said - BRAVO!!!

Karen said...

Oh happy day! I've been "greening" my household for about a year now. Everything from cleaning to beauty to food. It's great fun and I'm saving money and feeling better and better. I just joined a local farm down the street and will get my first ration of eggs and produce on May 10th - I'm so excited I just can't stand it!

Dawn Fine said...

And don't forget that when you wear clothes from the 80s you are helping the environment. tee hee.