Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In Paris... but it doesn't count....

Cute Husband and I just landed on the first leg of our journey East.


Well, actually the Charles de Gaulle Airport.

See, once upon a time, very very very long ago, The Cute One brought me to the City of Lights. Naturally, I feel madly in love with all that is French and constantly beg him for a repeat.

I finally convinced him the airport in Paris doesn't count as romantic visit number 2...

Nope. We are off on a new adventure.
The Taj Mahal
Maybe some tigers.
Birds galore!

And, the very best part is that we are spending most of our time with our friend, Peter Kaestner and his family. Peter, the gent who has seen over 8,100 species of birds.

He sent us some bird homework with likely possibilities in Dehli. Just looking through the bird guide is so crazy exciting.

Ok, off to peek out the airport windows in search of a new Paris bird.

Although, the light rain, near darkness and miles of asphalt don't look too promising. I think we just might have to return for a longer visit to pad that list.... right Warren, Love?

Off to India!


Kim said...

You are so lucky to go to India! I can only imagine the birds you will see. I LOVED Paris when I went there. The food and wine is out of this world. Enjoy your trip and I can't wait to see pictures!

Anonymous said...

bon voyage.

Kathie Brown said...

Wow, what an adventure you are on!