Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hummingbird Presentation, March 12

Long time, no blog. BC *hates* to go a week without blogging, but life overtakes us sometimes - in this case, work; helping Adam and Mitch with their college careers; and .... getting ready to go to India!!

We're going to miss the lovely presentation below, but for Birdcouple's readers in the Washington or Baltimore metro areas, please consider attending. The Anne Arundel Bird Club's annual lectures are always first-rate, both fun and educational. (It's WELL worth the $5 suggested donation, which goes to support a good cause).

We'll be blogging as frequently as possible from India. Pittas! Cuckooshrikes! Sunbirds! Jungle Babblers! Lisa in the Exotic East! Drool...

Anne Arundel Bird Club and Quiet Waters Park Annual Heise Wildlife Lecture
Thursday, March 12 at 8:00 p.m.--Blue Heron Center, Quiet Waters Park, Annapolis
Join hummingbird expert Nancy L. Newfield of New Orleans as she presents a fascinating photographic story detailing her more than 30 years of study and adventure in pursuit of the world’s smallest birds. Nancy, co-author of Hummingbird Gardens, pioneered the practice of landscaping to provide natural food sources for hummers and thus learned the best ways to attract them to any garden. Nancy handles and bands nearly 500 hummers of as many as 9 species each winter as part of her study of hummingbird populations in southern Louisiana and has banded more than 18,000 hummingbirds of 15 species in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Arizona. She has authored four other books as well as more than 250 papers and articles. Nancy previously organized birding tours to Central and South America through her HummerQwest. She presents this amazing program of adventure in pursuit of the world’s smallest birds.

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Dawn Fine said...

My fingers are wet with drool as I type..India you say..when? How long?
Cuckooshrikes! Sunbirds! Jungle Babblers ...
How exciting...